Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grandpas 79th birthday in the valley

Well we are heading home right now, we are passing through Victoria :) the birthday/BBQ was great!!! Lots of catching up, food, Nic met everyone and they all love him :) grandpas birthday was cowboy themed, and it was amazing!! I took pics with my aunts camera and my moms so I'll do a photo dump post soon! For now I'm using Nics cell :)
We got the car with the kids, my nephews who are 10 and 11 :) they had a sugar crash earlier from all the candy they ate from the BBQ piƱata lol
We stopped and ate in Refugio at a amaZing Mexican restaurant, we always stop there, Guadalajara :) delicious!
Raymondville is such a small town but I love the quietness :) and I love that im not too afraid to drive around there :)

I brought my tontons coozie for my drinks :)

And of course the kids are asking when we will be home lol their game boys and phones need to charge soon of they both might explode lol

More pictures soon!!

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