Wednesday, August 22, 2012

good marrow!

goood afternoon!! I was about to type morning but realized im just being lazy today. Resting up cause i might not get too much sleep these next few days. Oh, why? Well SecondLovers has a show in Austin tomorrow night at Franks :] i'm pretty sure it's a hotdog and beer place. I hope they have bunny hotdogs like moon tower inn, i've yet to have one! And there actually isnt much to sell right now except maybe, MAYBE, about 6-7 of their cd's left? Get Awesome Music here, or sample the awesomeness! Everything is still being ordered and made. So Jenna and I don't really have to set up anything this time lol. Oh, and i'm excited to make a second trip to Veggie Heaven!! It is, i swear, the most amazing meatless food I have ever had. 

Because I am a Velociraptor.

OH! and one of my new favorite bads in Texas are TheBlackwells!! I saw them play with SL and the songs were so great that the lyrics were like, burned into my memory haha. Most anyway. And they are going to play in Austin at franks too! :] < happy camper. I love the good as gold song soooo much! it's playing inn my head now. oh and the "there's a rabit in my garden! It's eatin' all mah food!" song, also awesome.

i'll do a Texas bands you need to love/stalk post soon :]

Oh yeah, so see that awesome mug there? Coffe mug. Not my face. But that's awesome too. But the mug yes, it is my dads and i took it because i love it. He has a couple of mugs he keeps in his room (as do i) so no one else really uses them. Like the Vegas one, the #1 Dad one, the race car one i got him when i was like 8 and still has nasty chocolate in it he never ate lol, you get it. But i had to! At least once in my life. Plus he uses my mugs too! :]
But, i was a X-Men The Phoenix one :]
i think she is awesome no matter how crazy my dad hates her lol
He likes Wolverine.  

i'm going to get more coffees

More awesome Mugness :]

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