Monday, August 6, 2012

Houston press music awards

Its been a pretty geeat weekend, seeing nic :) best kind of weekends, sounds cheesy and it is but man oh man I just love that face <3

Well Secondlovers was nominated for best Americana band :) here's hoping they win! Yesterday was the show for HPMA and it was pretty awesome but oh man was it humid. Horribly, disgustingly humid.

So if ya live in Houston hopefully you've been to HayMerchant, if not, go! We went fir lunch yesterday and hat the pita bread pizza an I loved it! We usually get the chicken liver and waffles but their waffle maker broke :/ this place has a huge beer selection and i changes every week (I think) something like that. I always go with the fruity beers, or ciders :) nic gets gross IPA's

So next weekend my family and I are going to Raymondville for my grandpa chevos 79th birthday :) so now all of my big family gets to meet Nic :) hehe.
I'm so excited :) we leave Friday!

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