Monday, August 13, 2012

Shameless self promotion!

Oh yes, this is a shameless self promotion post :] yes sir, i'm craving taco bell right now, on the hunt for a job and talking about my store i forgot about. yeah you know, the one with stuff? About things? yes. That one! Well! its about time i talk about it again, ya know, before i forget forever :] the store is called HeyJudesCloset! It has some stuff for this site, the store site, and some little things i managed to make on they designer on my slow pain in the ass laptop :] shirts, mugs, stuff! take a look, buy something, or be a pal dammit and promote, jeez people :] what do i got to do to get some internet face time? lol.

Now that the self promotion part of this is done :]

Today I did some job hunting, I went to a Hallmark store and ended up applying to four of them. That store is pretty cool, aside from cards, the little gifts they have there look so fun! There was a toy cow, that when you squeezed it, a yellow ping pong ish ball popped out of its nose. yep. That happened. Did that today and some errands, grocery shopping, coffee drinking and eating any free samples i came across at HEB :]

ugh, tomorrow i need to clean this place up :/ or stuff it all in my closet. Which i just cleaned out not too long ago. Maybe i have too much clothes? maybe. but i don't think i can throw any of it away, its so pretty :]

Epic slide show thingy!

Give it a look! New designs on their way!

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