Wednesday, August 29, 2012

killed four people so i'm having a great day!

Si I am in an amazing mood right now! Like lets get things done have coffee i'm happy as hell kind of mood. Well, I think it has to do with the dream I woke up from this morning. I remember the beggining a bit fuzzy, but I was in a parking lot and these assholes were breaking into our cars(3) and stealing mine (purple) AND the broke the window. I was so pissed. beyond. And they saw us ( my family and I) but they kept on going, because they didn't think we could do anything. So we got into this epic fight, like those Boondocks show epic fights. They started to drive off in my car, so I ran at then and hung onto the side with the broken window, unlocked the door. Jumped in.  Three people in the back, fat white guy, some girl, tall guy. I pushed the tall guy out the door with my feet,  I grabbed the girl and I swear, I bit the side of her neck with the main artery and tore as hard as I could! So while the girl and fat white guy were in shock at what i did, I grabber the driver from behind and started to gouge out his eyes while he was driving. He stopped the car. SO i got out and the girl, and the tall guy were left cause the fat white guy ran away. Coward. So the girl came at me, slow mo as epic fights go. And i noticed an ax on the ground. So i grabbed it, and as she came at me, WHAM, right in the chest!! She fell to the ground. The tall guy wasn't giving up though. He was mad i pushed him out of the car. So he came at me and we got into a epic fight. I was not giving up either.eventually (cause the dream jumped) I got him to the ground and i had a razor sharp knife to his neck. And i said, " are you ready?", he closed his eyes and said "just do it". So, I cut, a small cut, and I laughed at him. He open his eyes like they were asking a silent question. I said, " I would never slit your throat, thats horrible!" he looked relived. But, *i reached behind to my pocket and pulled out a hand gun* I will shoot you in the head! :D *Big Smile* and I shot him right in the head!

They started it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Interviews, Music and Tea, oh my

Well i'm winding down the day with come sleepy time tea, king of the hill and some sweet bloggin'. Oh yes. Today I had an interview with a certain jewelry store and i'm thinking it went totally great! I was actually a little nervous since I know nothing about the jewelry industry, I don't really buy jewelry my self, all of it is handed down to me by my mom and grandma and so on. Most of my experience is writing related or food industry related. I was a bit worried. But the guy i interviewed with was very cool. They are totally willing to train. When he started, he said " I do want a qualified person, but i don't want to just hire a robot to work, we want to hire a real person, someone who can create relationships with our customers, and so far, you seem like just that person". I actually said "ha, cool!" -_-" I think he knows i'm some kind of cheery geek. He asked questions about previous jobs, why I left, why i want to work here now. And I really do. I want to get into the jewelry industry! so i'm hoping this goes well! His manager in training came out to talk to me about the "business aspect" of the interview, and she asked me to sell her *this pen. So I did my and and she was like yus! that's good you really did a great job! :D haha. It was sort of fun. Over all they said i'll probably get a call soon-and interview with the regional manager soon :] I have a great feeling about this!I think I would do a fantastic job there :D

Also I (well Nic) got a cd from a band he performed with in Austin, they are called The Lennings, and they are pretty awesome! I'm about to load up the songs cause after this post Nic is going to want this back haha :] But for sure go check em out. Now i'm waiting on The Blackwells to finally make a cd before I die of impatience.

FYI secondlovers will be playing tomorrow night at Fitz open mic night, so come on out if ya want, i may or may not be there but yeah :] it'll be fun!

Monday, August 27, 2012

By The River

I love my man ♥

he accepts my weirdo-odd-ball-randomly-breaking-into-song-geeky-always-making-doctor-who-references-totally-afraid-of-butterflies self :] cause he's a song-making-adventure-time-watching-doctor-who-reference-getting-Mortakai-loving-weirdo and we are totally made for each other

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Austin/ back in Houston!

Well I've been in Austun the last two days! Been good! Went to second lovers show! At franks, got too drunk haha the usual of course :) got back into Houston yesterday! Did nothing but watch Netflix shower and sleep! ;) today Nic had a show at rugyards around 10:30pm for about 8$ :) for sure worth it I promise :D

Jebus I'm tired.

And. A little too tipsy
:) haha

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

good marrow!

goood afternoon!! I was about to type morning but realized im just being lazy today. Resting up cause i might not get too much sleep these next few days. Oh, why? Well SecondLovers has a show in Austin tomorrow night at Franks :] i'm pretty sure it's a hotdog and beer place. I hope they have bunny hotdogs like moon tower inn, i've yet to have one! And there actually isnt much to sell right now except maybe, MAYBE, about 6-7 of their cd's left? Get Awesome Music here, or sample the awesomeness! Everything is still being ordered and made. So Jenna and I don't really have to set up anything this time lol. Oh, and i'm excited to make a second trip to Veggie Heaven!! It is, i swear, the most amazing meatless food I have ever had. 

Because I am a Velociraptor.

OH! and one of my new favorite bads in Texas are TheBlackwells!! I saw them play with SL and the songs were so great that the lyrics were like, burned into my memory haha. Most anyway. And they are going to play in Austin at franks too! :] < happy camper. I love the good as gold song soooo much! it's playing inn my head now. oh and the "there's a rabit in my garden! It's eatin' all mah food!" song, also awesome.

i'll do a Texas bands you need to love/stalk post soon :]

Oh yeah, so see that awesome mug there? Coffe mug. Not my face. But that's awesome too. But the mug yes, it is my dads and i took it because i love it. He has a couple of mugs he keeps in his room (as do i) so no one else really uses them. Like the Vegas one, the #1 Dad one, the race car one i got him when i was like 8 and still has nasty chocolate in it he never ate lol, you get it. But i had to! At least once in my life. Plus he uses my mugs too! :]
But, i was a X-Men The Phoenix one :]
i think she is awesome no matter how crazy my dad hates her lol
He likes Wolverine.  

i'm going to get more coffees

More awesome Mugness :]

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daria, Katara, Ramona Flowers and why they are awesome

So I'm already mauling over costume ideas for this October :) planning early so maybe I'll end up with a home made costume :)
Now, even thinking about doing Andy of these as coustumes gets me all giddy! I swear, I'd freak put in happiness!
One idea is Katara! From One of my favorite cartoons Avatar the Last Airbender! Katara is a water bender helping the avatar to leant and defeat the evil fire lord Ozai :) great show. She is awesome, talented and the glue of the group. I want her character costume from book 3, when they are hiding in the fire nation :)

Another idea is Ramona Flowers! From the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs the World!! She is Scott's eventual love interest, takes shortcuts through sub space, and always had odd colored hair. She is a badass. Now there are a few character costume ideas for her, but the hair and steam punk goggles are what I'd need, I think she is pure epixness.

And the classic uber awesome Daria (nananaanana) haha. I use to watch this when I was little and loved her, she was dripping with sarcasm and every episode always had me laughing. And she made me feel better about being a girl with glasses :) this character costume would be simple but I'd have to buy every thing for it, the costly part would probably be the boots but, it would be badass!

I can't completely choose right now
It's too difficult haha I love them all

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shameless self promotion!

Oh yes, this is a shameless self promotion post :] yes sir, i'm craving taco bell right now, on the hunt for a job and talking about my store i forgot about. yeah you know, the one with stuff? About things? yes. That one! Well! its about time i talk about it again, ya know, before i forget forever :] the store is called HeyJudesCloset! It has some stuff for this site, the store site, and some little things i managed to make on they designer on my slow pain in the ass laptop :] shirts, mugs, stuff! take a look, buy something, or be a pal dammit and promote, jeez people :] what do i got to do to get some internet face time? lol.

Now that the self promotion part of this is done :]

Today I did some job hunting, I went to a Hallmark store and ended up applying to four of them. That store is pretty cool, aside from cards, the little gifts they have there look so fun! There was a toy cow, that when you squeezed it, a yellow ping pong ish ball popped out of its nose. yep. That happened. Did that today and some errands, grocery shopping, coffee drinking and eating any free samples i came across at HEB :]

ugh, tomorrow i need to clean this place up :/ or stuff it all in my closet. Which i just cleaned out not too long ago. Maybe i have too much clothes? maybe. but i don't think i can throw any of it away, its so pretty :]

Epic slide show thingy!

Give it a look! New designs on their way!

Raymondville BBQ and birthday photos!!

So here's a little bit of our weekend trip! Lots of family and lots of food and tons of beer :)
It was grandpa Chevos 79th birthday so we gave the cowboy a cowboy party! :)
Enjoy the photo dump!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grandpas 79th birthday in the valley

Well we are heading home right now, we are passing through Victoria :) the birthday/BBQ was great!!! Lots of catching up, food, Nic met everyone and they all love him :) grandpas birthday was cowboy themed, and it was amazing!! I took pics with my aunts camera and my moms so I'll do a photo dump post soon! For now I'm using Nics cell :)
We got the car with the kids, my nephews who are 10 and 11 :) they had a sugar crash earlier from all the candy they ate from the BBQ piƱata lol
We stopped and ate in Refugio at a amaZing Mexican restaurant, we always stop there, Guadalajara :) delicious!
Raymondville is such a small town but I love the quietness :) and I love that im not too afraid to drive around there :)

I brought my tontons coozie for my drinks :)

And of course the kids are asking when we will be home lol their game boys and phones need to charge soon of they both might explode lol

More pictures soon!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Really famous U.S. land mark might be a weeping angel!

Oh, Doctor Who. Please stop making us so terrified of everyday objects and occurrences. Well, don’t stop, because we love every second of it, but at least, I don’t know, ease up a little? Leave us with a couple of things in this world that we don’t have to worry are secretly creatures from some other world, waiting to destroy everything we love?
Well, that doesn’t feel like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. In fact, the Doctor and company will be moving momentarily stateside this season, and while they’re there they’ll battle a very recognizable symbol of American history. For more info on the who/what, follow the jump.
**Obligatory Spoiler Alert**

Well, prepare to be a little bit more frightened of New York for a little while: The Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel.
It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it: Of all the statues in the world, it’s pretty unlikely that there is ever a moment when someone isn’t looking at the Statue of Liberty, whether it’s the tourists walking around inside of her or some insomniac staring over the water in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s why the French sent her here in the first place; get her out of their hair and keep her captive all at once, and all in the name of internation diplomacy.
It’s easy to imagine that, for the purposes of a Who plot, Lady Liberty might find a way to somehow go unobserved for a little while, leaving her free to wreek havoc.
Now here’s the part that makes us curl up into the fetal position and wish for a happy ending: Lady Liberty will make her villainess appearance in this season’s fifth episode, titled “Bye-Bye Pond.” Yup, the last one in which Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are set to appear as Eleven’s companions; the one in which the Ponds make their exit.
The Daily Star has a synopsis of the episode (although, considering the source, it is somewhat less than completely confirmed):
The Doctor and companions Amy and Rory travel to America to battle a new army of Weeping Angels.And they get a massive shock when the 305ft-tall statue in New York harbour turns out to be the biggest one of them all.
Voted the BBC show’s scariest-ever monsters, the killer statues spring to life only when they are not being watched.
And if fans of the series are not hiding behind the sofa, they will also need to get their hankies out.
It’s in the Weeping Angels episode that Amy and Rory (played by Karen Gillan, 24, and Arthur Darvill, 28) bow out in tragic circumstances.
God dammit, Steven Moffat is going to make us cry again, and we are not fully prepared. In fact, he pretty much admitted it, because it’s a well-known fact that Steven Moffat feeds off of fannish tears:
“There will be a final showdown with the Weeping Angels. Not everyone gets out alive. And I mean it this time!”
We’re feeling fairly patriotic these days as we pour ourselves into the Olympics every day, but how will we feel if the Statue of Liberty of all things is responsible for taking one or both Ponds away from us?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Houston press music awards

Its been a pretty geeat weekend, seeing nic :) best kind of weekends, sounds cheesy and it is but man oh man I just love that face <3

Well Secondlovers was nominated for best Americana band :) here's hoping they win! Yesterday was the show for HPMA and it was pretty awesome but oh man was it humid. Horribly, disgustingly humid.

So if ya live in Houston hopefully you've been to HayMerchant, if not, go! We went fir lunch yesterday and hat the pita bread pizza an I loved it! We usually get the chicken liver and waffles but their waffle maker broke :/ this place has a huge beer selection and i changes every week (I think) something like that. I always go with the fruity beers, or ciders :) nic gets gross IPA's

So next weekend my family and I are going to Raymondville for my grandpa chevos 79th birthday :) so now all of my big family gets to meet Nic :) hehe.
I'm so excited :) we leave Friday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back from the dead

So I haven't updated this entire July month, :/ oh well. My camera, only camera since i am not a cell phone owner, is broken. So the first part of it being broken is that nic, and I know he's reading this lol, dropped it in the sand in Florida. I fixed that problem though, opened it and blew it out do uh lens opens now. Second problem it the battery which will be fixes when I can buy a new one :/ I have no idea when that will be.
It's pretty annoying, because I've been going out to shows, mini tour with nic, kemah boardwalk, Beatles and elvis cover bands, lots! And I have no camera to take pictures :(
Thought I'd give a little update.
Hopefully we will be going to Boston and Salem this year :) and hopefully my camera is fixed long before then lol
Also the yearly Renfest is coming soon and im super excited! I think I'll have some fairy wings this year :) and now I can drink this year too! Lol