Thursday, October 22, 2009

all the colors we make

i can picture our lives in pastel,every color vibrant..
every moment you stared at me,or looked to my eyes,
all the times you kissed me and i shivered,
cause i knew it was all real,
i can paint it,picture it in motion.
everyday the sun rose and your face was what i woke up to
a loving hug,you were still half asleep..
its all there.
i remember the fights and the red that plastered our past,
the moments we held to each other because we had no one else
we, were all we had, and it was fine that way.
i remember camping..waking in the tent next to you,
waking to the sun rising, to peace..
you could hear the wind, the birds, the water moving and our talking
it was perfect
so many colors we've made together,
that we've shared together
i can hear your voice in my head
your words are falling out,
i caught them.

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