Thursday, October 22, 2009

i need white out

my eyes glisten
it was all for you, it was always for you
your just a character in your own life
not real, only i could ever see you
i knew you, i know you.
all your pitt stops, they are temperaroy
partial attention,its your drug
one after the other.
my eyes glisten.
you narrate your sob story,
and the chicken is eating from your hand,
thats ok,i dont care
cause im an eagle.
and im better then that.
you walk through life blind
and i know i was the only one you ever saw
the first time you really opened your eyes
you saw me.
your gone now and you regret it i know
i see and you saw
but its all different now.
i hate it,cause if i could
i would rewind the story
rewrite it.
but its printed

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