Thursday, October 22, 2009

with halloween around the corner, i wanted to share a few,costume ideas

"Zombie Fetus"

When you decide to pull off an extremely creepy costume, it's best to let your attitude match it. Yeah, it's a dead baby but she's cool with it.

"suicide Bomber,kid size..."

"sexy Nemo"
When you were watching "Finding Nemo," didn't you just say to yourself, "Wow, if only he was a hot girl instead of a fish!" Dreams do come true!

"Anna Rexia"
I didn't know that eating disorders were sexy AND hilarious.

"Down with the Count"
People always say that Halloween is an excuse for women to dress like sluts, but from everything i've seen this holiday is an equal opportunity catastrophe. How would explain this costume to your mother, daughter, sister, friends, uncles, bus driver, or mailman?

"The Mangina"
If you wear this, it's the closest you'll come to seeing one that night

Well, what lovely costumes.If you havent gotten one yet i hhope ive helped you out!
Happy soon to be Halloween!

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