Sunday, October 25, 2009

pumpkins of amazingness

So, i was at work today and sinceitwas sunday it was busy in the morning than it as slow cause of church. so when its slow we watch the tv cause pretty much everything is clean haha,[this is off subject but i made ghosts out of paper the other day and hung them around cause no one would buy decorations at work so i made them!they were pretty much amazing] ANYWAY, i was watching the food channel and they do crazy shit on their, like cakes as big as me[5'0"] its crazy. well they did pumpkin carving today and wow, it was amazing! one woman made a pumpkin fountin of fog as tall as me!
It ended up making me sad though cause im carving pumpkins tomorrow and they will look like their pumpkins retarded babies =/ haha....
I tried to find pistures of the pumpkins i saw them carving on the channel but i coouldent find any so i just found some asome pictures of other peope carvings
enjoy =]

see? reincarnation is real!!

they eat their young


what an asshole...

so thats where pumpkins come from!who would thought?

This is my faviorte, it says "trick or treat kids?"

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