Thursday, October 22, 2009

my moon my stars my sun

you were my my moon, my stars
but everything got cold,and to see was hard
i felt around blind,looking for something, but there was nothing to find
in a cold world everything gose wrong,everythings a trick,
try as you might,dosent matter how strong,you wont win this fight
you disappear in the day,only to return at night
i missed the sun,my sun
my warm relaxing sun
your bright shine made me smile
and i miss that,to smile,
theres no sum now, its been a long while
lighting my path,showing me everything to see
the sky the grass the world and me
it all went dark.
but where is the moon,where are the stars?
theres nothing now, its gone too far!
its colder,darker i feel blind
but im waiting for my sun to ease my mind
but why do i miss it, my moon and my stars,
why do i miss what has gone so far,
only to return,to stare down with wide eyes
makeing me feel like i dont need the sky in wich my sun resides
theres that warmth,showing down on me
theres my sun,wheres my sun?
i feel you shining on me,
but i cannot see.

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