Thursday, October 22, 2009

soundless words

whispered feelings
and mummered words
they fall from my lips sometimes seeming absurd
is it bad i want to scream?
is it a lack of selfesteem? Or is it something hiding in me?
something dark that i cannot see? Tell me
why my words are glass,floating in the air like butterflies
waiting to crash,you cant catch you cant snatch,Crash.
shattered shards lay on the floor im cornered i cant reach my door
so can you sweep up the peices and keep up what this is?
glue them together and tell me its better?
dont worry
dont fear
calm down
im here
can i scream my feelings
and yell my words?
can i say what i want, without being absurd?
this is absurd,
here i am
writing my quiet words
click clicking of my words
barely a sound they'll never be heard

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