Thursday, October 22, 2009

pretty girl

its a shame
that such a pretty girl should want to cry
i read your words and its suprising
within each word i hear 'i wanna die'
but what do you say,
what can you do, for this individual
that dosent even know you,?
do you say,
'it will get better'
'pretty girls shouldent cry'
'oh, just look to the sunny side'
what if they've heard all they can hear
every word possible has been fed to their ears,
there is nothin to say to them
no where for her to go
stand still.
you break, a day and night of pain
scream cry whatever helps
there is no shame in all of your pain
your feeling something ive never felt
everyone has their edge
the cliff they reach to stare down at their problems
witch they were running from in the first place
it got them here
live, die?
jump back.

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