Thursday, October 22, 2009

my titles, the everlasting, whats yours

i can see it in your eyes
and i can smell it on your breath
it hurts.
i can hear it in your tone
and see it in the way you walk
your a fucking book
open,easy to read
no challenge
you dont even know it
i can read people easy and your the easiest
but i often close your book,
ignore the ink and what it says
eager to look at the end but no
it would ruin it.
Why cant you just read out loud to me
why cant you just say the word i read all over your face..
why dont you have a title,
you dont know who you are maybe
what, type.
im, The Everlasting.
there are secret pages, hidden words
places i overlooked
im double checking now
and their are so many edits, so many mistakes
i dont have enough white out for you
a flawed masterpiece
is there such thing?
am i blind and hypnotized by the ink?
the writing, the words and their feel?
i have a spot on my shelf you know, for you
right in the front.
but if you dont rewrite
fix the mistakes
ill just leave that space open.
there are more book to read

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