Thursday, October 22, 2009

just another book

i know that im a closed book
and i refuse to let you read
but you see,
ive locked myself and ive forgotten where ive put the key
no worries..
my chapters begin white,
bright pages clean but a few chapers down
the pages turn brown, then dimmer
their pitch black,because
for a few pages i was lost
no words came outta me just silence
but it cleared and my words came back,
in rhyme,im rythm..
right now im mid-book,
my marker is waiting to move
my pages turn and turn,
revealing my thoughts, my truths and me
showing life..
seeking action and romance,
comedy and horror
everything a life lives on, memories
sometime i want to rip pages out,
forget the words and go on
im just a closed boook,locked
tell me if you find the key
till then this is me
just another book on a shelf
waiting to be read..

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