Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog Ads

This guest post from Doris Dillon
Since we moved into our new home I have been Shopping around for energy rates in Texas?. Or at least it was on my to-do list for several days. But, every time I would get a break and sit down at the computer I would end up just going to my favorite blogs and getting lost in their posts about being a mommy of quads or something. I always wondered how these women actually made money blogging. I mean, what a cool job, right? Get money to write your diary/journal online. Sounds easy enough to me! The other day I noticed the links around the blog posts and one of them just so happened to be for energy rates in Texas! It was perfect because it reminded me what I needed to do and hopefully, I helped support an awesome lady. I don't actually know her, but I follow her blog so I feel like we are best friends! Of course once I realized this I started clicking on all the links and most of them are for clothing stores where the clothes are more then a dinner for four!

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