Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

I hope everyones new years was lovely and explosion free! I had a pretty great new years, food, a little wine, food, movies, some music thrown in and my loved one. I have to say, this past 2011 has not been the best, plans fell apart and time was taking forever, but it was also the best year too. I met someone who i fell in love with, i traveled, really traveled plane and all for the first time ever, finally turned 21, had an amazing Christmas with a lot of family, new and old, and i got to end it all with a kiss. What more could you ask for? And now i get to start a whole new year happy and enjoying life and the people i have in it. So did anyone else have a new years resolution? I thought about it for a bit. And my resolution is to write more. Tons more. Poetry, stories, or just the nothings and the musings my mind happens to come across. I'll bring a note book everywhere with me and i'll fill it up. I want to write everything down a lot more this year. That, and to continue and succeed in my new website Life Outside The Loop. It's for food, bar, coffee shop reviews and i've already did my first real review today :] you should go check it out. I really loved the place and i'm sure ill be a frequent customer there.  Maybe ill add music to that list, cause bars mean music/bands sometimes. yeah?
So i'm so looking forward to February :] we're going to be doing a ton of traveling that month and i'll be seeing snow, real snow, for the first time! I'm going to make  a wicked snow man! And i'm going to ski :] and i'll be able to gamble for the first time! I'll let ya know the places were going later, but i am so stoked!
Oh, if ya want to check out my latest story you should, i really like it and comments are appreciated :] and grammar corrections are too! i tend to over look they a lot with my own writing, Out Of Time is the name :] hope ya enjoy.

I think this year is going to be a fantastic one
i can feel it

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