Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Migraines, karmas punishment

So I tend to have these very painful and very long lasting migraines. No, not headaches. Those are normal every day things that i'm able to "play through the pain" with. Migraines are horribly painful. If you get them, you know what I am referring to. Every noise big and small is like a blow to the head, I can feel and hear my heart pounding which only makes it worse because my heart beat gets louder only because i notice it. All light hurts your head and your eyes, so you turn everything in your room off, close your curtains and hide under the two layers of covers on your bed in an attempt to ease the throbbing pain in your head. For me, migraines can last a few days. The longest was a week, after which i saw a doctor and was given prescription migraine pills. Help a lot, but make you extremely drowsy. Actually he wanted me to get brain scan done to make sure I didn't have a brain tumor or anything but even with my insurance it'd be about 500$ so i skipped it. I don't think i have anything that shouldn't be in there though, i figure i'd have nose bleeds or something. Looking on the bright side right? So i rate my headaches/migraines on a scale of 1-10, one being bearable and 10 being on the floor in agonizing pain crying and about to head off to the doctor. This past one was about an 8. After i took the last of my prescription meds it slowly went down to a 6( better but refusing to get out from under the covers), then it lingered into a 4-5 until about 4am when i finally passed out. Next day(yesterday) it was a steady 3 which is not too bad at all. Today has been a 1-2, and i can feel it finally disappearing. Finally. I had to do a bit of complaining on here, since well my new years resolution was to write a lot more so here i am, giving you my words and rambles. 
I've been doing a lot of online work today. Organizing my blog work, sponsor things, messing with adsense of course, playing around with the new site and looking at writing/blog jobs. I like to stay super organized with all the sites and ads I have, I can't stand not to do so, thinking about it even stresses me a bit haha. I have a whole notebook just for this site, it has a zombie on it, and i'm constantly updating it, looking at it to make sure i haven't missed anything. Keeping track of payouts and paypal. Sponsor names. Admin names. If any of you have a website/blog and actually have earning and what not for it, I suggest you do the same. Trust me, it is very worth it. Earning with a blog dose take time, but I feel like you have to want to write to have a blog and the earnings are just a great plus. I think my websites are the one thing i have ever really had patience for. I love it!

new site:http://lifeoutsidetheloop.blogspot.com/

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