Friday, January 20, 2012


I've recently signed up for different Adsense for my website (google, socialspark ect.) and I came across INTENTclick, a site that focuses on helping generate extra revenue for websites that have Better Income or Saving Money Content. I love that they also help out people like me, people who are frugal, have a coupon for just about everything and are total penny pinchers!! I must say, the service and installation is easy, totally uncomplicated, they have in-text links even the sign up was easy, and they seem to have the best payout among all Adsense services. There's even ppc advertising ! In fact, running INTENTclick alongside Adsense ads could generate an additional  25% revenue compared to Adsense alone. It's a performance based RPC ( Revenue Per Click), premium rates for clicks that convert and Thousands of Offers, Exclusive In-Text Placements, Yield Optimization Technology, Takes only a minute to set up, Reliable Payouts, Text linksPlug & Play Easy Integration and easy to contact Technical Support. Another great thing is that they use Paypal so you don't have to give them any bank information! This is a nice one for me because i use Paypal for just about everything. I think this is a really great service and you should really check this out soon! You might just enjoy all they have to offer!

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