Friday, January 27, 2012


If any of you really know me, and i'm sure some of you do, you know that i'm always on the look out for discounts, coupons and good deals!!On the street and even more so on the internet. What can I say, i'm a frugal person, a thriftaholic even. Well, I came across this site that has tremendous deals!! I'm talking about more the 50% off on some items kind of deals. And don't worry because it's not a nomorerack scam. They have clothes, hats, bags, TV's and some pretty cute accessories too. I went to their page and instantly laid my eyes and a very cute bracelet for about 6$! And their shipping is only2$ per item! I even found some purses that just might end up in my shopping cart! Very nice. For online shopping deals I usually find myself browsing through Ebay or Amazon, but honestly this site has better deals then I find at any other online store. Why have I just barely discovered this site now? You should really check out some nomorerack reviews if you're interested or thinking about shopping at this site. Or even go on and check out the site yourself! Their website is very easy to navigate for you not too computer savvy folks, and even registering is a piece of cake! Very simple steps for very great deals. They even have a payment option for Paypal if you don't want to give out your personal banking information! See, this is another great plus for me because i use Paypal for all my online shopping, it's just safer that way. Go on and find yourself some deals! I hope you all find this website as awesome and helpful with your frugal shopping needs as I do!!!

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