Monday, January 30, 2012

planning and what not

So i've been a bit busy lately, mainly planing for trips, maybe tagging along on tours and getting my college classes, FASFA and everything in order. I'm the type of person that wants to, has to and must plan beyond in advance so I can feel calm, relived, and just all around better about everything happening. I have to write it all down, force the boyfriend to listen to my super planning haha, i'm pretty sure he doesn't mind at all since the plans include him.
So the trips, i'm so excited for our traveling these coming months!! Even though being on a plane more then terrifies me, it's kind of fun, like a roller coaster. Scary, but ya do it anyway. Well, were off to Vegas for valentines day! I can't wait, even if we've been before, i love watching the Bellagio fountains :] the crazy pirate show at Treasure Island, and this time I can gamble! I'm going straight to the StarWars game! And were staying at Caesars Palace! So were also going straight to H&M :] Then later next month were going to San Francisco! One of the places i've always wanted to see and wonder around in! Hopefully the weather will be nice because were going to be doing a hell of a lot of walking. We're going to be there for about two days I think and then head over to Tahoe from there. Snow! I'm not sure if im going to try snowboarding, mainly because you have to rent a board and I dont know how much that'll be. But i'm going to go crazy playing in the snow! I'm going to make a snow man :] got to do it at least once in my life! That's it for February. In March Gabe and Verg are are suppose to be having their wedding on St. Patricks Day, green beer and all! And they want Nic to play at the reception! But after hearing the whole band SecondLovers on the radio she wants the band haha she said " i have to, have to, have to have SecondLovers play at my wedding!". Yup! I don't know how thats going to roll, but we'll be in Raymondville for like two days. Then in May were back to Vegas for some fun. And we may end up in Florida in May too! I actually get to see a real beach, not a poop beach like we have here! :]
Now classes. I'm doing my FASFA super early so i'm hoping that i get my financial aid early too. If all the money things happen on time, ill be done with my associates degree in 3 semesters :] that's  not including summer classes, but i'm hoping to take some :] I'm also considering getting a degree in Digital Communication- Web Publishing Specialization. That's still up in the air but it's an idea that i'm considering very seriously :]
yay planning!!!

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