Thursday, September 2, 2010

where are you Fall?

Mustache Mustache Mustache.
So tired,
so very verrrry tired.

So, yesterday night, i couldent sleep at all! i was still freaked from that possible ghost. And now when i lay in bed i feel like someone is there, but only when i lay to sleep. So, ill probably die fron lack of sleep soon. Bound to happen. Oh but yesterday day after chem class i was so tired i ended up taking a four hour nap lol, i didnt even care about the ghost thing, i just crashed haha. it was very nice :]

So im fresh out of my English class right now, i have one packet to do for that class and thats all. We have weekly journals, done online, so i think ill be posting my Class journals for you guys to read. The topics are actually not bad at all, they are usually very stupid topics. I actully got into writing it, but they only have to be 250 words max, so their short, but fun to write, seeing as i like to write.

Im in the, cafateria area right now, and i brought some foor that i was going to heat up and eat, but im not hungry yet :/ but i do have till Oh and i go in at work today 4-9, its going to be a tiring day, i can tell. Before i go to work ill just have to take a 2hr nap haha :]

So heres the Journal, The topic question was along the lines of, how do you act in public? Do you find yourself acting different, or maybe not yourself at all? Do you/people act a certain way in public, around friends, and alone? Do you ever feel like an actor?

In public, as in stranger public, im a very happy-go-lucky kind of person. Im laid back, open to most ideas floating around in the world. I try to make myself that way, I try to be open to everyone and their views on everything. I come off as a very friendly and caring person, one you can easily pen up to, fall in love with, im someone you want to know. I dish out my manners, because that’s what im taught to do, don’t be rude. With people I know well, im a bit more open, im sarcastic, loud, obnoxious, I say what is on my mind whether good or bad. Im selfish because I feel it’s the only way to survive, im cold to strangers because it keeps you from getting hurt, this is my semi-public self. Or, that’s how I perceive it when I put myself in someone else’s place. I tend to like these roles, because a part of me is truly this way. Everyone is someone else in public, other wise everyone would be pissing each other off left and right. No one is completely their selves in public, but it’s a part of who they really are. I have thought often that I am an actor in the crowd, an actor in life. There is a certain way everyone expects you to be, power figures, friends, parents and even strangers. I must be polite, be good, obey rules, succeed, be friendly, nice, and presentable. I must be myself all at the same time though. In truth, I am uncaring to the world and myself, I am sarcastic, rude, funny, I make mistakes, sometimes I fail, I can be cold, sunny, warm, inviting, happy, and many more things. Everyone is an actor in public, because everyone is human and wants to be liked. Though maybe not liked by everyone, but by a select few. The one thing I consider myself best at, is acting, are we all not great actors? Are we all not great actors in this play of Life?

i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be MLA form, oh well -_-

You know, sometimes i get hit on by girls and it totally confuses me lol, i end up feeling all blindsided, then *awkward laugh* and a thaaannk youu... walk away. haha, im just an awkward person arn't i?

Heres the BlackBoxTV Episode3: Final Exit, this one is fucking awesome! out of the three this is now my favorite :]

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