Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Made you look. :D

its meeeeeee!
my room is messy, can you tell?
i don't think so.

So its been a pretty nice day today! So far, i went to Chemistry in the morning and it was forever lol. Went to kims tea house after class to catch up on some chem. notes, this time i got the Thai Tea with tapioca and it was so good! loved it :] Its a great place to study, plus they have food, veggie food and tea/tapioca drinks.

Went home, wrote for a while, working on a new story for my 2nd blog, about to do my English journal. Oh and had some subway :] yum. Im watching The Heathers right now lol, i love this movie and i love Winona Ryder.

Going in to work at 4, and i know its boring when its slow but i hope it is anyway lol. Im tired man! haha. And then tomorrow night im seeing The Drums with Lynne!!! No worries, ill take lots of pictures! i promise :]

So October 22 is my sisters Raymondville babyshower, and sometime in November is the Houston baby shower, so, for any of my friends who read this ::Ahem Chris Varkados:: ask me about it and you can probably come! there will be food and games! Tash Lynne and Verna are coming too!

ok here it is!!

this is what i want for my birthday,
just so you know :]

Her shop site!

And heres her Blog, which i follow!

So go read my Story and let me know what you think, or maybeother story lines you'd want me to play off of! Ideas are always accepted lol

omg, i need to put the salt water tank into motion!
My poor fresh water fishys need to be moved to a smaller home

god i hope they dont eat eachother out of boredom

That happen once.

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  1. It's VARKADOZ..Fail!!! It's ok I still love ya lol I'll take This as a learning lesson!