Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its all good, For now

Chemistry notes
all up in my grill
and shit.

So Vernas birthday dinner was pretty awesome! Mmm sushi :] there was so much damn sushi! haha, there was 13 people, somei didnt really know but they were pretty cool. We ate at Azumas downtown, I had the Miso Soup, wich i absoloutly love! Except at Aka. it sucks. How do you mess up soup? I had the Red Devil Roll and that was pretty amazing! ah, talking about it is making me hungry!! it wasnt too spicy, only had a little bit of chili powder. And i had the Spicy Tuna, and it was fucking spicy man! i ate one peice and i was like "ok! who wants some! its too spicy" haha, conned it off of lynne, verna,terry and essay. Oh man, and the spicyness lasted forever too! it wouldnt stop!! That was the best dinner ive had though, oh and she got our presents too! I got her the shirt that says "Im On A Boat" hahaha!! Best gift ever >_<. After we ate everyone was forced into picture whoring for a while haha, then we went bowling at Palace. I kinda sorta think thats what its called. lol. It was fun!! i mean, i totally suck at bowling, but it was fun!! haha, we all ended up leaving at like 1-1:30am, it was a good night :]

Today ive just been home. Went to kolache factory this morning, its amazing. haha, i love the spinach kolaches but they always run out so i ended up getting the Muchroom&pepperoni and the Philly Cheese Steak. omg, the philly one it awesome, a new favorite for sure.

put my Chem binder together! for notes and what not
but the binder is too big..

Went to go buy things for my sisters baby shower! She is having a smallish one here in houston, and a bigger one over in Raymondville for the rest of the family. So the big one is October22, and the small one is in November, not too sure on the exact date. Im going to buy baby band onesies!! :] their at hot topic, and they are way too cute hahaha,

So, something thats wtf,

Five soldiers accused of killing civilians in Afghanistan are now facing additional charges of conspiracy to commit premeditated murder, a plot that allegedly began when one soldier discussed how easy it would be to "toss a grenade" at Afghan civilian.

So far they confirmed 3 civilians killed by this "Kill Team" that these soliders formed, they also discovered that the soliders cut off and kept the fingers of the victims as trophies. Its sad when people who we refer to as Heros, become Terrorists themselves.

As of this week, the five face allegations of conspiracy to commit premeditated murder. They each also face other charges, including drug use, striking another soldier, dereliction of duty, false statements and trying to impede an investigation.

Really? wtf.
I dont even know what to say.

What do you think of this?
seriously, leave a comment,

that works.

Well tonight is Kevins birthday party, so im going to that

and i wanted to post some pictures from vernas birthday dinner for you guys, but she hasent loaned them yet. So, ill either edit this post and add them when she posts them, or ill just do a whole new post wit the pics,
either way! you'll see em :]


  1. Looks like you don't know anything about the Muslims. especially the Afghans. They deserve it.
    Our soldiers kill them in kashmir and we never even say - "it's bad".
    Our soldiers are our brothers, our enemies are not. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad.

    P.S.-I was searching for one "dilip bam" when I saw your photo at Google image search. You are beautiful. I have bookmarked your blog. I will come back. Today I spent nearly 3-4 hrs surfing your blog. Good blog.keep it up.

  2. why kill a good person who is not an enemy then?

    and thank you :]

  3. Sorry for late reply.
    If person wants to kill you he/she is your enemy.right!