Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh you


oh.. the West Burrow Baptist Church. oh you, if i had a boil on my ass, i would name it the West Burrow Baptist Church. If i see a car crash i think, "if only that was the West Burrow Baptist Church". If i could leave a flaming bag of dog shit on each and everyone of their porches,i would. But that would be near their level, still above, but NEAR. I look at their site and it looks like a fucking joke. Have you seen the web link?

Bullshit dude. Now, im not religious, and no, i dont know if there is an all mighty creater called God, who decided one day, " hey, im bored. Lets fuck shit up", but i dont think he who they claim loves all, would also say " oh! but you..yeah uhh, your sorrrrta going to burn for all eternity. Yeah. Sorry you didnt get the memo.." Now, im no expert, i havent read any of the many bibles out there, i never went to church, and since i could remember religion always seemed like a waste of my time. To me, it was just the sound of fury, over and over.

But damn. I just cant get over these assholes. i know i know, freedom of speech, religon and what not, but if i could, and i really really wish i could, id punch them all in the throat. Yeah. Right in the throat.

They make me want to have girl on girl anything, just to piss them off.

LUCKILY!! we have these people, who go out and crash the West Burrow Baptist church! I think its a great idea to do this. This, i support. And if WBBC ever come to houston, ill be there to help crash their protest.

You know what West Burrow Baptist Church? Im pretty sure God hates assholes. Yeah, pretty fucking sure he dose.

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