Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Woman! I Wanna Go Surfing!

My Favorite dress <3

oh god
i think im going to explode soon.
or implode.
which ever comes first

So, ive been super busy with school work and work work,its effecting my bloggyness. haha. i worked all day yestarday! and today i had class 8-9:30 and had to work all day! but i got paid :] oh yeah. Bankin.

thats what they say now right?
im Banking?
-_-" i can be cool.

And want to know what happen? huh? i missed this

I was so sad. i was like nooooooooo!! in the middle of the caf, it was horrible. Cause it echoed a bit, lol.But oh my god, i wish i knew! My friends Gf went to see him >_< so jealous.

So this weekend i went to go look at costumes for Halloween!! fuuuun! First i tried on the sexy Bell costume, you know, Beauty and the Beast. I really did love it, but the material its mad of is so itchy! If i wore it id be annoyed all night. Then i tried the Snow White costume, which i loved too! but again! again. It was made of shitty material! ugh it made me so mad! They have all these nice costumes that feel like a cheese Then, i found my soul mate costume. Its funny, sexy, comfortable, and pure awesome!! but i cant tell you what it is. Its a secret. For now. :]

So im working wednesday night, and guess what im doing thursday night? guess!! Wrong. why are you always wrong?? Im going to go see The Drums :] a band! i cant wait, its going to be fun.
Go on! listen! love them!

oh oh, im going to buy me a shirt or two :]

So i went with MK to go see The American at the alamo. And this is now a life rule, of life, dont see that movie. It was cool in the begining, like it really reels you in! then, its like you watch him breathe for and hour, then the end is cool again lol. I wont tell you what happens, but dont see it in the theater, if you really must see it, download it. I still had a fun time though :]

oh mann! i cant wait to go to this! dude, theres going to be so much food! thats alli can think of haha, the food is going to be amazing. Its only 5$ to get in too :]

oh mann, tomorrow i have English and Speech. I dont want to go! save me? lol. Oh, i want to see that movie Easy A, and The Town, they any good? The Town looks pretty epic to me lol

im goingto leave you now!
and never come back!..



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