Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Predictable.

you do or you dont
you either will or you wont
yes, theres an in between,
but its only there when you cant face the fact that you dont, you wont.

This is about the time that i think to myself, you knew this would happen. There is no happy without any hurt, that would be too good for the universe to provide. Im upset, bothered, mad, i want to punch something, and when im feeling like this, its you who i turn to, but i cant now, its you whose made me this way. Ill never speak the same, talk the same, theres not going to be many morning texts, no late night phone calls, no feeling of solace when i see your face in my head. My heart will drop, and ill become stone to save myself, limit my words so they dont shake. Thats how it will be now. Love is a many thing, it comes in all forms, it dose everything possible to you. It makes you crazy, it makes you content, sometimes it keeps you going, some people live for it and some run from it. Some people even doom their selves when it comes to it, telling their selves "ill mess up, i know it, so ill end it now". That is called the easy way out, that is called giving up. I've never been one to give up, but i've met my fair share of people who have. It makes me stronger, colder, harder and smarter. Im not going to over react, cry, go on days of moping or being distant. Ill write, ill write for me, to save myself from everything thats on my mind. Ill be selfish and care about myself, pick up my own pieces and sit for a while. People are predictable, its like you driving down the road and you know you about to drive into a storm. You can feel it, smell it in the air, hear it and when your close enough you can finally see it. Waiting to be hit by that first wave of rain is the hardest though, the suspense kills me. Your hearts like a Library book, its bound to be given back sometime. And yeah, theres even a fee.

Well now that we've had a heart felt moment,of shit.

Today has been, well as you can tell not so good. But, today i went to starbucks and got this new latte, Toffee Mocha. its so good!! i loved it. And since its all cloudy outside it feels good for once lol. Im going to go watch Inception with Alek today, yesyes finally!! i havent heard a single negative thing about it and when ever i tell someone i didnt go see it, they get mad. haha! So, i need to, its a life thing. so thats at like 5pm. Then i think im going out with the girls at 9, maybe. And tomorrow im working 10am-9pm, oooh yeah tips for me. Sorry this is a short post, ill tell you guys tomorrow how i liked the movie, or just look at my twitter/ facebook. you know. ok, bye

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  1. the first long paragraph is very well written. lots of emotion