Monday, September 13, 2010

payday woot!!

Yeah, thats from vernas birthday dinner
i know i know,
Sexy ;] haha

Oh my god, this sunday and monday have seemed to last forever! Mainly cause of work, but man you got to love that cash intake! And today was payday, plus the tips i make all day :] oh yeah, and im trying very hard to NOT spend it on clothes haha. i can do this!

So today i had my chemistry lab, and it was pretty easy, my partner and i finished in like an hour, its a 3 hour class, so we got to leave early! which gave me time to go home, eat, gas the car up and eat :]lol. Had work 11am till 9. We ate Eggs when i got there, then had a beef burek for lunch mmmm soooo good!! im going to get some tomorrow for lunch too haha

So, i was in the car with lynne and Good Charlotte came on, and i know their fisher price punk, lol, but you know what? i love them. Theres one album that i use to listen to in middle school a lot and i know all the words! haha. They remind me of BowlingForSoup, i love them too :] shit, now i need to download the album though, i cant get the song out of my freaking head lol

oh, so Houston Texans won a game the other day to the Cowboys, i think.
Now i can wear my jersey :]


Oh, and to you
i decided to make a second blog for writing short stories, English assignments, poems, or any creative writing i feel like posting up. so heres the link

ok, im going to go now!!
gotta download me some Good Charlotte haha


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