Tuesday, August 31, 2010

three hour break

So thats me ^
first day at work :]
Cafe Pita!

So, yes i got a job at Cafe Pita, its bosnian food! dude, and it looks pretty good too, i havent tried any of it yet but i will soon. Yesterday i started at 5pm and closed at 9pm, its pretty easy. Im a hostess/ waitress, so i dont have to do any kitch things thank god lol. The people there are super nice, and i already know someone who works there! Sukie. Oh, and you get tips so im happy about that lol

OK! SO! im pretty sure i had some kind of ghost encounter yesterday..really!!! so heres how it went. I was asleep, and i work up randomly at five. Si i turned over and was thinking about the dream i woke up from, i was curled in a beatle position. And you know how when someone get on you bed to lay with you, and you feel two thud movements from them putting their knees down? well i felt that. But i assumed it was my bed, like shifting, or something. so i stayed still, and then i felt like someone was there, but i knew no body was. And then! i felt the blanket on my back area begin to push down, like it was a hand!! and i whipped my blanket off. I turned my light on,looked around and said "let me sleep" and i went back to sleep. nothing else happened but i felt like something was watching me. so creepy!

You have any ghost stories?
i cant believe that bastard woke me at 5am.
wtf ghost!!

So i get out of my English class at 9:30, and my speech class is not until 12:30. I would go drive somewhere, or home, but i dont want to lose my parking spot lol,you know. Around this time everyone is looking for a spot, im not about to give mine up lol. So im sitting out in the back of the food court, its the outside area, chairs, tables, trees, shade, its pretty nice. Im drinking some starbucks and eatin a rice crispy :] lol, i was going to get a sandwich but their 9" and i would not finish it lol. oh!

i saw this and i was just awed

omg, its so funny!!!
dont you think so?

So ill be working Mondays after class 11:30-2 then 5-9, thursdays after class 4-9 and sundays 10AM-9PM, so hopefully ill get good tips coming my way! and we get paid every monday so thats not bad. Oh, so im liking my chem teacher, and my English teacher too, now all thats left is speech!

so, im pretty sure by now you all know i watch the Phillip DeFranco show on youtube, you know that right? ok well, now you know,lol, anyway, he and some other big youtubers do this other show now,they just put it together, its called BlackBoxTV. its pretty awesome, do me a favor and watch it?

i loved it :] theres a second episode too if anyone is interested!

oh god, its only 10:10...
im off to kill time!

oh, PS watch this too, it will make you smile :]

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