Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marine Biology

I've always been interested in the ocean, since i was little. My dad had this huge fish tank, with all these beautifully colored fish, they were amazing to me when i was little. he had all these books about different kind of fish and i would look through them all the time. For a while, the big fish tank was in my room, and i would watch them at night, just stare at them, watch them swim around, go figure i wanted to be a mermaid cause (1)my name was ariel and (2) i loved watch, the ocean, the pool, swimming in general, i loved fish, how they looked, i loved it. I still have that fish tank too, just different fish. The first fish i ever got was an angel fish, but it was also then i learned that fish, sometimes dont get along.
So ive been thinking lately, about me, what i want to do with life. Originally, i just wanted to do the whole PhD in pharmaceuticals, its a good career, steady, and their usually needed, you know? But since im a biology major, i can still change what i want to do in my life, pertaining to biology of course, i like it, i like science, but i also like animals. When i was in middle school i took a zoology class and i loved every moment of it. Well, im not sure why i didnt see this before, but i would love to be a marine biologist, i adore everything about it, ive talked to this woman who i s a marine biologist and she told me all about her trips into the ocean, on boats, scuba diving, working with whales and at aquariums, and i really believe i would enjoy and love it, so i think im aiming for that now :] The last aquarium i went to was the one in corpus, my friend took me when i went to visit, i begged him to lol, but the aquarium i would love to visit would be the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan! its amazing! imagine working there, they have one of the hugest tanks built, imagine working with all those fish, sharks, manta rays,all of it, its beautiful, want to see?

Here are some pictures i thought i'd post for you too, you can see some of my fish in my tank, you can tell cause the pictures are not as great quality as the others lol. I think ill be happy with this, what i really want to do now is actually go scuba diving, i think it'll be a good thing to go out and do now, since ill do it some day in the future.

i thinki should go buy a new fish tomorrow :] oh, but what i really would love would ba a salt water coral tank, but their really delicate, you have to really keep your eye o it. One time one of my fish got ick, and they all died it was horrible, i had to super clean the tank and i threw away all the little things that were inside the tank.


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