Friday, August 6, 2010

The Legend of Korra!

So, i had a long night haha. Was out at janettes place all night with my friends, just hanging out all night and whatnot. Played scene it, and twister. And mannn am i starving! i just ate subway and im still hungry! Beach tomorrow!! :3 Last night was fun :]

So, they are doing a spin off of one of my favorite animated series!! Avatar: The Last AirBender! ok, so its called The Legend of Korra. It takes place 70 years after the last series ended,same world, so yeah that means Ang is dead :[ . So there a anti- bender revolt happening, Korra has mastered water, fire and earth. So she need to learn Air now! but who will teach her? Ang and Kataras son!Tenzin! an air bender. here is a picture of Korra looking down at Republic City, her crime infested home. The writers have said, in not so many words, that some people from the old series will pop up, so im thinking Katara *duh and Ang, even though he is dead Korra can talk to him in the avatar state. Its going to be showing sometime next year, i cant wait!!

So i think were going to be moving into a smaller apartment for the short time being, cause were paying for a 4 bed room, when we only need a four. So were moving to that place sometime this or next month! i saw a showing of the place, its nice, and across from my friend alex's place too! The amenities area was pretty awesome too, it has like a hangout area, kitchen,theater room, exercise room, the pools are nice, its a nice place, well nicer than where i am now at least haha.

im watching The Last AirBender right now
:3 its pretty much the best
whats your fave show?

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