Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everything Will Be Ok

Hey, Mac or PC? help me decide lol

made something new today, other than my signature cinnamon, i made a vanilla coco latte :] its pretty awesome. ohh me and my silly caffeine addiction, its love/hate. You see, in highschool i would take the bus to school right? so i had coffee in the morning cause well, i need my eyes open haha. well, i guess three years of coffee all the time is not good for you lol, i got some kind if caffeine infection, and i had to take antibiotic pills for a month plus no caffeine for that whole month, it was a killer. haha.

i dont drink it as much now, but i love it still

So today I WAS going to watch buffy with lynne, but go figure the dvd player decides to spaz out, thanks universe. So i ended up watching the re runs of Pretty Little Liars! not too bad. And the season finale it tonight at 7pm, and than degrassi at 8pm :] im a dork, oh well. i admit it and say it proudly!

Oh and, turns out the niece i was about to have, the one i was so excited about cause i only have nephews, is a boy. damnit! again, thanks universe. His name is Xavier Aiden Ramirez, cute right? omg, im going to buy him Band onesies! the misfits, beatles, doors, everything! lol, i make my nephews little punks, i cant help it. lol! I remember when Antonio got his mohawk for the first time, it was heart wrenching! he was too cute lol

Ugh, i need to go do laundry..im feeling real lazy right now lol, i just dont feel like finding the hangers hidden around my room lol. i dont even think i have enough hangers anyway, i go and steal my brothers haha, he never notices lol.

going to UH tomorrow with the ladies, they need their books. God, i need to get mine soon, why are chem books so much! its horrible, ill need to sell my kidney on the black market soon! Maybe even a leg. Ill be a one legged,one kidney'd Bio major. Well, at least ill be interesting, right?

but i love my kidney, it dose things :[

aw man..theres still sand in my bag
damn. haha

Lord_Voldemort7: #tvshowswewantback: Buffy. This vampire thing is out of control, bring back the slayer.

^^ Lord Voldemort, my reason for twitter!

ok, treat your ears to a little something good, :]

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