Saturday, August 28, 2010

well hello there big brother

its still hot,
someone fix the weather!

So, i guess ill jump on the band wagon and talk about the whole, FBI being able to listen to your conversations even though the phone is off. I mean, i dont know why but i thought they could already do that, haha. So now they can listen to all our "omg, shes a slut" and our " no way! really? omg no wayy!!..omg, wow." but mainly they want to hear the "ok send the coke filled teddy bears to this address" and the " you put the body where?", am i the only one ok with all this? i feel like i am. I mean im not a criminal, and i know i wont get busted by the FBI for speeding to class, so i dont really care. And why would i protest something that trying to find people who want to fill teddy bears with coke? i mean, i cant stand when I buy a teddy bear and its filled with coke and not cotton, so annoying!.. Oh, and for all you criminals or secret gays out there, to avoid the FBI all you must do is take out the battery. YEAH. The criminals MIGHT just outsmart you on this one, sorry FBI.

So today i did some errands, went and applied to cafe pita, went to verizon, started my learning to shoot a gun :]oh yeah. It was just practice for today, but it was fun! i like it a lot lol, ugh but one handed im like super shaky! but my hands are always always always like that lol, i cant wait to shoot a real one! when i do, ill show you all that target paper, so you can see how horrible i am :p lol. oh, ps its hot >_<

now i can get certain people back for shooting me with their airsoft guns, Ahem, JB.
ill get you.

oh! poor fluffy has pink eye!! shes all grumpy and laying around today lol, even sick she looks cute with her one eye half way closed lol, ive been giving her some treats to make her feel better, poor fluffers.

WithOutAFace, Henery, just came out with his second album "the first album was better", its pretty good, im going to buy it on iTunes cause i dont see him to buy the actual CD, so you guys should check out the preview of the second album AND listen/Watch to the vids for his first album on his youtube channel! Support you local houston artist, whos actually good, haha. And theres the link :]

So we all went to kats's tonight and mannn was it awesome. I got the veggie sandwich, mmmmmmm fucking amazing!! And the cheese cake shak, oh god. Im like, stuffed man. Went to Brasil after for a chai latte :p yummy and saw some guy playing acoustic, it wasent that bad lol

oh but im like, uber sleep now,
ok, night lol

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