Thursday, August 12, 2010

You need to be inside,You have to love her, to be able to kill her

the itouch pic up there is from when it snowed last december :]
im watching Buffy, and trying to blog,
very difficult!

so today was just a lazy slightly rainy day! Finally got my parking permit for school, omg that college site is shit. They need help setting it up, cause nothing ever really works. Like, it looks like it dose, takes you in a circle for a bit and than just turns you around and screws you over. Lovely, huh?

So i just watched the Buffy episode, where Angel turns bad again, no humanity and all that jazz you know? And its right after buffy and him we finally together..they did it. Well! There was a gypsy curse on him, from a long ass time ago. He like, killed a bunch of them so they cursed him with a soul, to morn forever about everything and everyone he hurt until he is truely happy again, in love and forgives his past. Then! he will turn again, no soul. poor buffy!! thats sad right?

Or am i just being a girl? haha.

poor poor Buffy.

Angel is hot :]

I still haven't seen all the seasons, but i will eventually! Lynne needs to make me watch them with her lol. ohohohhh beach on sunday!! yay! last time we saw that rank dead shark! creepy. And Verna grabbed it by the spine! even creepier. But, my type'a woman. haha

Im eating cookies, and i cant sleep.
I sorta feel, um, wide awake

its horrible.

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