Friday, August 20, 2010

Tis but a flesh wound!!

no. its not Christmas, its not cold.
its actually like an over outside.
an oven might even be better!
i can daydream though right?

So iim soooorrrrrrryyyy, sorry for not blogging these past couple of days, do you forgive me? i dont know if i can go on without it, *puppy eyes* oooh, you cant stay mad at mee!! :D lol.

So yesterday i went to Cafe101 with Tash Lynne and a coulpe of other people i didnt know, but it was cool i got to know them. oh my jesus, we got so much food! we were stuffing our faces, it was amazing haha. Got carmel honey milk tea, it was pretty epic >_< we were there for a while and we ended up going off to someones house, all eight of us, and played a game called Things. heard of it? well, it dose not work well with alot of people lol, i dont think ill want to play that game anytime soon lol. We ended up switching to apples to apples, i like that game wayy more lol. we played it forever! After we left we went to a 24HR Shiplys :] most amazing thing ever right?? lol, they even had a drive through window, atfer that we went to ihop at around 1am,for coffee and talking, and we were there till 5am!! yeah, were weirdos :] how we roll, ya know.

haha, lynne found a bug in her water though

oh, and.
at Cafe101, there was this lady who looked like my dog fluffy in human form! like, an over grown Ewok with no hair, i swear! yeah, starwars reference ftw!

i got home at 8am today! i was so tired. i laid donw thinking, "ok, ill sleep for like, 30mins, than get up." i woke up at 2:30pm haha. Went out to chill with colin for a bit today, we were going to see vampires suck, but ended up seeing The Other Guys instead, and i gotta say. it was jus ok, i expected more cause will ferral was in it, his movies are usually pretty effin funny! but this was just ok, cant complain too much though cause honestly Vampires Suck would have been one of those funny/idiotic movies anyway lol. We went and got Jasons Deli afterwards, the one place i love almost as much as freebirds >_< lol i got my usual veggie spinach mushroom wrap :]yummyy!

and now im just home, oh and heres something i wanted to say. Having to do with Buffy the vampire slayer, fuck Oz! he is a douche bag, cause he was an awesome character, but nooo he had to fuckup. lol. Yeah im on the fourth season of buffy right now, i know i know, im late lol, its ok though, its like the bast show! i think my favorite character is Willow, cause she is so cute lol and always seems to be good hearted. i think even after the show, ill read the comics, its that good lol!

ok, who else get this, and think its hilarious?? it has to do with the movie, monty python and the holy grail, omg i love that movie haha, and this picture cracks me up! i have a lot of those funny cat pictures lol, their too funny haha.

Tomorr0w, im going out with the ladies, were going to go bowling,and go carting! i love go carts :]the best! and were going to a show after too, i forgot the bands name but their good, ill put up pictures and the band link tomorrow for you guys, good? lol.

i bid you adieu!

yeah, i just went french on your ass.

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