Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fluffanator!

yeah thats Fluffy up there ^^ Dosent she look like a Ewok? you know from starwars lol the simularities are amazing right? haha

So i Uploaded some pictures from my grandpas funeral, you can see the Army guys who gave the 21 gun salute, that was pretty cool. And you can see my dad, brothers and others holding the coffin, it has a flag on it too, its nice.

So yesterday i didnt do much except hate my upstairs neighbors, and go to Tashas to bake rocky road brownies, i should have taken pictures! haha. ok so ill explain about the neighbors. Their assholes. haha, ok so any time i walk out of my apartment, all i hear is "hey baby! hey!...hey!..hey baby! wanna ride this? hey! hey!bonita! ay! ay gurl! gury! ay!" till i get to the car. wtf! how often dose that even work for them??! honestly,, if i was able to murder with out any consequences i wouold stab their face off. i would! ah they are SO aggravating. oh so theres a plus, i wont have to see them once i move haha.

god i hate them.

Anyway!! we made the best rockyroad brownies ever! the marshmellows were the best part, yummyyy. we didnt go out or anything, just stayed at tashas and did what girls do, you know lol. And well, im not sure what im doing today, right now im just texting JB and on the net, oh ill go make lunch..or get subway! thats a better plan :3 haha

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