Monday, August 9, 2010

Befriend Many, Trust Few and eat sesame chicken.

hello their sir! ma'am!

So yesterday was my nephew Marcus's birthday! Antonios Birthday is August 22, their 1 year apart, so Marcus is now 9!! and so tall! both of them are almost taller than i am, and im about to be 20 soon haha, crazy right? it was just the family over, nothing too big, cooked, made good food, had cake it was simple and nice :] cant afford to throw big things right now lol.

So! for any degrassi lovers out there, this is the last day to get the season premieres from every season free! except for the boiling point since its the new one. Im downloading them as we speak haha! what i really want is all the avatar episodes on my itouch

**HELP** i have all the episodes on my network, but i cant drag+drop them to my itouch, how do i do it? please someone help :[ its life or death. Ive been trying to do this for like ever! i need them on there. lol :3

 im now forced to get myself some chinese food for lunch! fatty, bad for you, but satisfying! and thats what really counts right? i mean, i hate eating super healthy. Sometimes ill get a salad, usually if its spinach not lettuce, but for the most part i hate salads. Their usually gross, and i worked in a salad place,ive seen them all! haha.

anyone know anywhere hiring? ive been applying and whatnot

Ok so its offical, were moving to the Abbey on Briarforest soon, to a 3brd room. Its nice, the apartment amenities are pretty sweet, my room will be a bit smaller though :[ where will i hade my book shelf? damn. and idk if my desk will make the cut either!! anyone need any of those items? for loan only!! lol.

So, im going to go eat now!

have a good lunch!


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