Sunday, August 15, 2010

You are what I never knew I always wanted

So thats me up there,
on Dustins bike :]
cool eh? lol

Today, Markus' grandma deceded to have another, yes another, birthday party for him! there was food, candy, a pinata, a slipNslide, waterbaloon fight and um, thats it,lol. It was pretty good, the food was yummy :] haha, watching them hit the pinata was the best part, all the little boys try to be manly and the little girls try to out man the boys haha. And i swear to god, it was made of plywood, that thing would not break!
Antonio will be 10 this weekend,he is the one with the white shirt
And markus is now 9, he has the orange shorts

Next weekend for antonios birthday, were going to have his little birthday party, BBQ, go to a Dynamos game, and go to splashtown :] Should be pretty fun!

Lastnight i had the weirdest dream. I was in love with some guy *i was 15* and, we lived in horrible apartments. He was a kind of skater boy i guess and he had his own little group of friends and they hated this group of ghetto kids. Well, i guess he was like the leader, cause the ghetto kids decided they should hurt, or even kill me, just to screw with his head. So i was hiding, hitting people that i found him again and i hid behind him. and they backed off. it was sooooo weird haha!
Weird right?

Oh my god. today was like, 350 in the over hot. I was dying outside! I could be ok with is if there was a pool, but dude.. it felt like it was hotter today than it has been any other day. i couldnt take it!

Was suppose to go to cafe101 !!
heehee but im watching XMen2 instead :D they are my favorite! i sorta wish they kept making more movies,i mean they have nothing on the comics but, i love them lol, and the cartoon too!

Oh, and just so everyone knows,
SailorMoon trumps DBZ!

sorryyyy :]

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