Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mmmm Cinnamon latte, by me :3

yeah, thats cinnamon coffee im sipping on up there :] Yummy

So hello! Its so nice outside today, in houston, i feel like going to discovery green and just laying out in the sun. Or maybe the pool, not my pool though cause i would die lol, or disappear off the face of the planet. ya know. Actuly, it would be a great day to go roller blading! i love in line skating its too fun, but again, not around where i live haha, i dont want to be bothered by the creeps here. I use to go skating everyday when i was little, like my blades were my lively hood haha. i had a nice pair too, Black with neon green bingings and neon green wheels, so nice. And they were such a smooth ride! i remember one time i was out skating, and a big rusty nail went strait into my wheel, stopped it from turning, and well, i went flying forward! it was horrible haha, and than i had to pull the nail out with pliers. But my blades were ok and alive. second best is ice skating!

So, like any girl i have my favorite show to watch:

Secret Life of The American Teenager
Pretty Little Liars
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Avatar:The Last AirBender
Vampire Diaries

I can never get enough of these shows haha, Degrassi is my longtime favorite though! My friend marina turned me onto it when we were little and i got addicted! ive even seen the classic shows! its so good, i swear it is haha. Pretty Little Liars is a new show, but its just as good! i think any girl would love that show. Its actuly on tonight! as well as a new degrassi :3 heehee.

So ive been listening to my friends music alot lately, Henery, his band is Without A Face and hes awesome. hes the only one in the band, but its still amazing! the lyrics, his voice, his playany its all a package deal! haha. two of my favorite song are Druggie Love, and Brattford Stafford, both way too funny! heres a vid link, watch it please! the sound isnt that great, but its still awesome, you should buy it from iTunes, so worth it haha


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