Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach Day Success

oh yeah, Galvaston, nice brown pretty water -_- lol
Eh, crystal beach to be exact, so yesterday we went to the beach!! it was awesome i love it, even if JB says its not a beach! haha. It was me, lynne, Tash, Verna, Oscar, Ronnie, Janette, Martinez and Cousar and Essay it was fuuuunnn! Haha essays car got stuck right when we got to the beach! so some redhead guy charged us like 10$ so he could tow it out so he did, but than he gave the money back! lol, love those redheads. So! we found a spot and went in!
i love the beach way better cause its not cold like a pool, its warm and you can go right in. I actually went in deep this time, i never do cause in a bit afraid to, but everyone was there so it wasent that bad lol. I got taken over by a wave like three times and thrown in by cousar once,and omg the salt water burns your throat so bad!! Oh, and i saw a jellyfish!! right in front of me! i sorta screamed and took off lol, cause it like brushed up against my arm and scared me! it was little and white and about the size of my hand. i asked javi later about it, cause hes a surfer so i assume he would know what kind it was, maybe lol, and he said its called like a cabbage head and they dont sting :] thank god haha.
Oh man i was soooo tired after the beach! the drive back always takes forever too, so we went to lynnes, changed, ate at a restaurant went back to tashas and called it a night, oh man and im still tired. But i wouldn't mind going again :] i love the beach, but we need to BBQ there next time!

Ok, so here are some pics,
check out the face we made!

its amazing!

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