Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i use to get lost in your eyes

last year when it snowed,
i wrote I <3 You on the car window

there it is! ^^

So since the last post, its basically been hothothot days, with sone added rain and a movie night with the girls. So, they rented Kick-Ass and The Runaways. i loved kick-ass, i had already seen it in theaters but i never mind seeing it again lol. So i had never seen The Runaways before, you know has, well based on, Joan Jet and Cherrie Currie, has Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Im a huge Dakota Fanning ..fan. lol, shes a pretty good actor, and since she was like super young too, favorite movie is Man on Fire! so sad and amazing. Ok, well, The Runaways wasn't such a good movie, lol, especially since everyone would go "oh, look at me stutter, im an actor" every time Kristen Stewart came on, that and "god i wanna punch her" hahahaha. Fun :] Oh, they bought this, uuhh, mango vodka? i think that was it, it was so good! mixed in with other things of course lol, but it was yummy :] Before the movies we made ourselves dinner too! Pork chops, and two side foods, one with broccoli and the other had potatoes, so friggin' good man! and we had blueberry crumb cake after! what a day. lol

this past weekend was also my nephew Antonios birthday! he is ten now! and pretty much as tall as i am already! lol, we had a little party for him it was nice, he got 100$ for his birthday and got to go to a dynomos game :] a new soccer ball and a starwars game. Oh and his cupcake cake was pretty good too! we BBQ'd, it was all yummy! The basic family was over just add my sisters boyfriends parents into the mix, ya know. His dad looked like one of the creepy characters from a Buffy episode, it was funny, i had to tell someone so i told my dad lol

So its been all story for the past two days, thundery too. Im hoping its good for our plants cause we have a lemon tree plant and a tomato plant, and there not very lemony or tomatoy lately :[ i dont think its too much sun because their not all brown and ugly, their very green! maybe its a season thing? but why would this not be the season to grow? what, would winter be their season? thats dumb, it makes no sense right? lol

So i start my classes on monday, some places already started their classes, monday morning 8am, chemistry till 11am then im off for the day, well, not really ill be doing book stuff for a while after, ill probably get lunch at home than nap lol, oh no. i need a coffee mug! i forgot to get one, how will i survive? i wont ever be awake for class, why didnt you guys remind me? someone should have. you people have a responsibility ya know? cant just loligag around the interweb and not help a blogger out.

The nerve of some people!..

i got a very nice drawing mailed to me from an old friend yesterday too, he's always been an amazing multi-artist, i love the drawing and the intent behind it is sincere so,i guess that makes it an even better drawing, right? want to see?

its pretty right? it came with a letter that im not going to tell you all what it said, lol, but he said he is going to get this tattoo'd on himself soon, he has a pretty nice collection of tats.

well its all dark and thundery outside
and i need to go wash some dishes
so, ill see ya around


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